If you have traveled to Africa or if you have never traveled to Africa The Kente Kitchen is an opportunity for you to experience something that you will not find anywhere around town. These dishes that are prepared were shared with me from Mothers, Sisters, and Aunties. My menu is constantly growing and every dish I will share with you. Food is my passion and I want you all to experience my passion for the African cuisine that I love.  All dishes are made with fresh ingredients and can be modified to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets. What you will experience from The Kente Kitchen will be memorable and your palate will thank you.

In 2014 The Kente Kitchen was born bringing to you the flavors of West Africa. These dishes were taught to me out of love and now I want to share this love with you. The cuisines that are prepared are Liberian, Nigerian and Ghanaian dishes.

The dishes are served as a family style feast where you can enjoy the food, engaging conversations, and laughter with your friends, family, or guests that surround you.